Here is a list of philosophy departments (or equivalent), learned societies and research projects that have signed up to the Good Practice Scheme so far. If we’ve missed you off the list, please email All of the GPS documents have been signed up to unless stated otherwise.

Please note that subscription to the scheme is on a self-reporting basis, and the BPA and SWIP do not audit the units that have reported themselves as subscribing. Any members of those units who believe that the relevant recommendations are not being adhered to should raise the matter with the relevant head of department/chair/editor/PI.

Philosophy departments (or other academic units) in the UK

Department Link to GPS information Approx. date signed up Exceptions
Philosophy, Theology & Religion, University of Birmingham   April 2014  
Philosophy, University of Nottingham   June 2014  
Birkbeck College London   July 2014  
Philosophy, University of Bristol Here August 2014  
Philosophy, University of Manchester Here September 2014 Staff-student relations policy wording not endorsed; however the practical requirements of the policy have been adopted.
Philosophy, University of Sheffield Here    
Philosophy, University of Southampton Here November 2014  
School of Philosophy and Art History, University of Essex Here  January 2015  
Philosophy, University of Leeds    January 2015  
Philosophy, King’s College London   January 2015  
Philosophy, University of Sussex   February 2015  
Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, London School of Economics Here February 2015  
Philosophy, University of Stirling   February 2015  
Philosophy, University of Reading Here February 2015  
Philosophy, University of Edinburgh Here March 2015  
Philosophy, University of Glasgow Here July 2015  
Philosophy, University of  Durham Here October 2015  
Philosophy, University of York   October 2015  
Philosophy, University of Aberdeen   October 2015  All policies accepted where compatible with University policy.
Philosophy, University of Warwick   December 2015  
Philosophy, University of St. Andrews   January 2016  
Philosophical Studies, University of Newcastle   February 2016  
Philosophy, University of Kent   March 2016  
Philosophy, University of Hertfordshire  Here April 2017 On staff-student relationships, the Philosophy Department recognises and endorses the University of Hertfordshire’s policies and regulations; see the website for more information.


Philosophy, University of Oxford   June 2018  


Philosophy departments (or other academic units) outside the UK



Link to GPS information Approx. date signed up Exceptions
Philosophy, Montclair State University, USA Here September 2015  
Philosophy, University College Dublin  Here January 2017  
Philosophy, Central European University, Budapest  Here October 2017  


Learned societies (w/relevant journal) & journals

Learned society/journal Approx. date signed up
British Society for the Philosophy of Science (BJPS) February 2014
British Society of Aesthetics (British Journal of Aesthetics) March 2014
Mind Association (Mind) April 2014
Journal of Applied Philosophy June 2014
Society for Women in Philosophy April 2015
British Philosophical Association May 2015
The Analysis Trust (Analysis) July 2015
Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain September 2015
British Society for Ethical Theory September 2015
The Aristotelian Society (Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society) October 2015
British Society for the History of Philosophy  2015
European Philosophy of Science Association (European Journal for the Philosophy of Science) December 2017
The Forum June 2018
Italian Society for Logic and the Philosophy of Science January 2019


Research projects

Project Institution Principal investigator Project ends Approx. date signed up
PERFECT University of Birmingham Lisa Bortolotti  Sept 2019 November 2014
Architecture of Consciousness University of Manchester Tim Bayne  Sept 2017 November 2014
Costs & Benefits of Optimism University of Birmingham Lisa Bortolotti Sept 2016 August 2015
Nature of Representation University of Leeds Robbie Williams  Oct 2017 February 2015
Changing Attitudes in Public Discourse Cardiff University Alessandra Tanesini March 2019 March 2017