Good Practice Scheme: general guidance

Download the Good Practice Scheme general guidance. This gives some information on what the scheme is about, what counts as ’adopting’ the recommendations, etc.




Further information

  • If you need some persuading, please read Shannon Dea’s presentation on why you should adopt our Good Practice recommendations: ’The Nice Bloke Trap’.


Gender Equality Charter Mark/Athena SWAN Scheme

If you haven’t heard of this, check out the Equality Challenge Unit’s website or read Paul Lodge’s presentation, which outlines the basic principles behind the pilot scheme that was run in 2013-14, and how it worked. Please note that the ECU now seems to be planning to bring (what was to be) the GECM scheme under the Athena SWAN scheme that already exists for the sciences. The new humanities scheme is expected to be launched during 2015.

It looks as though implementing the BPA/SWIP Good Practice Scheme recommendations will put departments in a very strong position to demonstrate that they are addressing many of the issues that Athena SWAN is aimed at, and should therefore make it a lot easier to achieve an Athena SWAN bronze award. However, we do not, at this stage, regard the Athena SWAN scheme as a replacement for the Good Practice Scheme, since the latter covers some areas and issues not (at least currently) covered by the former.