Election Announcements

March 2019

Several members of the BPA’s Executive Committee are stepping down, and as a result we need to recruit members to take their place.

We’re looking to fill five places on the committee – please consider nominating yourself to stand!

The BPA needs its executive committee to represent the interests of its members, and for that reason it is important that the executive committee has a diverse range of people serving on it.

  • We know that women are unrepresented in philosophy,
  • as are people from ethnic minorities,
  • as are people from working class backgrounds,
  • as are people with disabilities.

We know that some of the issues that the BPA engages with can affect how philosophy is pursued in different ways:

  • that there can be important geographical differences,
  • or differences to do with the kind of institution the philosophy programme is within (colleges, ex-poly/post ’92 universities, Russell Group etc.),
  • or to do with how small or large the philosophy cluster is (some programmes are run by only a couple of staff members, other departments have dozens of faculty)
  • and we know that philosophy also goes on in schools (so we’re keen to hear from school teachers), as well as outside schools and universities, pursued by independent scholars. 

We are keen to receive nominations from as broad a cross-section of our membership as possible, from England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, to help to ensure that the BPA executive committee is able to be properly representative of philosophers’ interests across the UK.

More details about the Executive Committee’s role can be found in the BPA Constitution.

The most recent list members of the Executive Committee can be found here (some of whom are stepping down).

To nominate yourself to join the committee, please email the BPA Director, Joe Morrison, the BPA director, to: j dot morrison at qub.ac.uk , CC-ing the BPA Administrative Assistant, Eric-John Russell, to: admin at bpa.ac.uk. Please include ‘BPA Executive Committee Nomination’ in the subject line.

Nominations will close at 5pm on Weds 17th April 2019. If we receive more than five nominations for these five vacancies then election will proceed by ballot.