Why join the BPA?

The BPA isn’t like a lot of other societies. You don’t get a glossy newsletter or journal, and we do not (normally) organise things like conferences and workshops. So what do you get in return for parting with your hard-earned cash?

The answer is that the BPA’s job is to protect and nurture the study of, and research in, Philosophy in the UK. But in order to do this, we need your support. If you want to know more about why you should join, click on why join the BPA?.

Apply online!

We’ve made it easier to apply for full individual membership. Just click on online membership form and fill it in. Then either print off the standing order form and send to your bank (click the link below), or else just set up the standing order using your own online banking facility. (Please remember to make the due date 30 September and use your surname as the reference.) Or put a cheque in the post.

Free membership of the Institute of Philosophy!

Full individual members of the BPA can now join the Institute of Philosophy for free — a saving of £40 (£15 unwaged). Fill in the IP membership form, available from the IP membership page, stating that you are a BPA member. Then email us on admin@bpa.ac.uk, so that we can confirm your BPA membership to the IP.

Special offer if you pay by standing order

If you pay by standing order, membership until 30 September (the date your membership fee leaves your account) is free.

Departments and learned societies

Click on membership forms in the left-hand menu and fill in the relevant membership form. You can pay by cheque, standing order or BACS; please let us know if you require an invoice.