Philosophy in schools

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Given the increasing popularity of Philosophy as an AS and A2 subject, the BPA is very keen to assist in curriculum development and to support teachers of philosophy at AS- and A2-level. With this in mind, it extended individual membership to teachers in 2005, and institutional membership to schools and sixth-form colleges that teach Philosophy in 2006. We have also been engaged in curriculum discussions with the AQA, and ran a successful ’State of the Art’ conference for schoolteachers, in conjunction with the Royal Institute of Philosophy, in Manchester in November 2006.

However, in order to ensure that it can provide welcome and appropriate support for teachers, the BPA needs their input. So we would welcome active involvement in the BPA by school and sixth-form teachers. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact our schools officer, Tom Sorell, on

Teachers of philosophy in schools, sixth-form colleges and FE colleges are welcome to join the BPA as full individual members. In addition, schools, sixth-form colleges and FE colleges where philosophy is taught are welcome to become corporate members. Please click on ’join’ above for more information.

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